Science Fair and Dance Festival

It was another fun-filled day at SRIS last Saturday, 29th of April, as they, for the first time, held a Science Fair and Dance Festival together.

Some of the highlights of the events were:

  • Science experiments
  • Dance presentations
  • Science Exhibits
  • Games for kids and adults and many more

The program started with the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s-themed dances, primary students showed their talents in dancing gracefully as they wore their colorful, amusing, themed-costumes. The parents were all delighted as they watched their children dancing into the music of the past decades.

After the dance presentations, was the opening of the Science Fair exhibition, primary students with the supervision of their teachers, showcased different brilliant experiments. Parents, students and guests were thrilled to watch, learn and discover something about each experiment, some of them tried out some interesting experiment procedures by themselves, and they found it really exciting and fun!

Parents, students and guests were amused by the different science-related games, which they enjoyed so much, and there was also a fascinating dry ice show, which was again, appreciated by people who have watched it.

Varieties of foods were provided for all people who came, and witnessed the fun and such exciting event.