Short Interview with a Math Teacher

Education is just impossible without a proper and appropriate teacher, and the present world that we are looking around would not be possible without an appropriate and right teacher.

So, today we would like to introduce to you our wonderful Math teacher and the Head of the Primary department at SRIS –miss Aileen Tadena Dacumos!!!

1.How many years do you work as a teacher?

“I’ve been working as a teacher for 17 years: 6 years in Philippines and 11 years here, in KG.”

2. If you were not a teacher, who would you like to be?

“I love being a teacher, an instructor, an educator. I love children and learners. So, what would I be if I’m not a teacher? I don’t have an answer, because I’ve already found it. And even in my second life, I would still be a teacher.))”

3. Where did you study?

“I went to 2 universities. I’ve finished Respiratory Therapy,  I studied again and finished my education course. Then I took my Master and National Teachers college in the Philippines.”

4. Any hobbies?

“I love games like scrabble, crossword puzzle and Sudoku.”

5. Do you have any principle or slogan for life?

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

6. The best and happiest moment in your life?

“To see my children and students succeed in life.”

7. What books you recommend to read to students?

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid – for primary students..”

8. Your wishes to our students?

“My wish is that your educational journey will be fruitful and successful beyond your wildest imagination!”