TALENT SHOW in Silk Road International School


Talent Show is an amazing activity which is held each year at Silk Road International School. Each student tries to be involved in the programme both personally and as a class team. On behalf of 10 grades, I’d like to type few words about the hard work behind the scene.

  1. Dance group – these girls had worked more than a month before Talent Show Day. A team of 6 girls stayed after the lessons with a tutour to develop own dance for the chosen music. Firstly, I’d like to point out the beauty of the music. Secondly, the performance of the dance was high-ranked by the visitors. Everybody appreciated the dance show, but let’s understand how time and energy-consuming was the preparation. Bravo!!!

2. Another suprise came from a new students (Karina). 1st minute of her show – everybody’s eyes are wide-open; that voice took the evening juries up to the skies and probably beyond. It was a real talent show. Waiting for the next suprises...


3. Let us not forget about the man who worked too much, but his talent was barely noticed. Of course, the host of the show, Mustafa. He was not alone, but with another talented host Milana. I think that was the first time they led the programme, so it must be accepted they kicked their talent out to beautify the evening. Thank you very much!!!