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At our kindergarten at SRIS children learn about the world around them in English and thereby acquire English without any extra effort.

Let your child learn English with ease in Kindergarten

Give your child the opportunity to acquire English without effort. SRIS International kindergarten only has 3 seats left. Act now and get the current fee guaranteed for the whole kindergarten time of your child.

Learning English the natural way

At Silk Road International School’s Kindergarten, kids learn to speak English the playful way. Just like they learned their first language, they acquire the ability to understand and speak English by interacting with other kids and our qualified kindergarten teachers.

The SRIS concept of language learning

Whether it’s learning numbers and first calculations or the alphabet, all lessons are conducted in English. PSHE teaches your child what they need to know to stay healthy and safe and to prepare them for life.

Music and Physical Education, also conducted in English, make lively interaction between the kids and teachers fun and joyful. So instead of getting dry english lessons, your child learns interesting things about the world and acquires English, just like they did their mother tongue, without even noticing it. This method is called language immersion.

Art lesson kindergarten

Multilingual Teachers

All our kindergarten teachers are mutli-lingual. So while we make sure that most of the input your child gets is in English, our teachers make sure your child does not fall behind and always knows what is happening right now.


Lego bricks are the perfect tools for children to develop fine motor skills and explore their creativity. Our Lego room offers the perfect environment for our little builders. The specialized child-sized Lego furniture makes accessing the Lego bricks easy.

Arts and Crafts Room

The handicraft and arts room at SRIS kindergarten supplies all the tools for drawing and working on handicraft projects. The children learn to express themselves and how to use creativity tools.

Planetarium Room

What’s out there? In the planet room our children learn about the stars, the moon and the planets. It also gives them a refugium space whenever the playroom gets to busy.

The SRIS Kindergarten facilities

The SRIS Kindergarten is located in a building of its own, specifically designed for its use.
We did not want our pre-school area to just look nice. We made sure it has all the functions parents would expect from a modern, state of the art kindergarten. But the highest priority was that the children could feel safe, inspired and move around with ease.

You can easily see this in details, like the selection of the furniture down to the size of the stairs, who are specifically designed to give your child an environment that is designed around them.

Our kindergarten features lesson rooms, play rooms and a resting room. It has its own lunch area and an outside playground.

To round things up, the kindergarten receives dedicated time to use the school sports facilities, A regular visit to the schools library, which also hosts a selection of colorful children books, get them in contact reading and creates a positive expectation of what happens later in school. This makes transition into first grade easier and helps children to perform well in school from the start.


Brand New Building

The Silk Road International Kindergarten is placed in a modern facility, specifically designed and built for its purpose. The light-weight furniture was ordered from the UK so kids can handle them themselves.

Sign up now and secure the old kindergarten fee.

Our kindergarten is in high demand. We only have three seats left for this school year (2020/2021). The fee is $4500 per year. Sign now and get this price guaranteed for the whole kindergarten time of your child.


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Contact us for additional information or come to visit our site and inspect our kindergarten facilities yourself.
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