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SRIS is the best place for merited young talents to develop the social competence, cultural awareness and stabile personalities needed to become esteemed global citizens and make a contribution to society. SRIS graduates life by a timeless set of universal values and have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.

Sport Seminar at Karven Club

Sport Seminar at Karven Club

Karven Club provides a one day sport seminar at their facilities for our upper high school physical education class.

We give your child a competitive edge in a globalized world - Silk Road International School - Cambridge International Examination

About SRIS

Silk Road International School provides the best stimulation for young students to develop responsibility, integrity and self-motivation. «SRIS» is a Cambridge International School in independent ownership.


We are a Cambridge International School offering Cambridge IGCSE levels and Cambridge A-Levels. We teach the curriculum of Cambridge at Silk Road International School since 1999.

SRIS wins BISA ⚽️ Cup

In an amazing performance the SRIS football team won this years annual BISA Football Cup. Every year the teams of the internationally accredited schools, organized in the Bishkek International School Association, compete against each other.