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Cambridge Lower Secondary

Also called ‘Middle School’, the grades six to eight lay the foundation to be successful in the Cambridge IGCSE program. 

SRIS Middle School

Cambridge Lower Secondary is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. It helps you prepare students for the next step of their education, providing a clear path as they progress through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way.

“Next to Math we focus on giving our students a solid understanding of the sciences, which they need as a basis to succeed in the more challenging IGCSE subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.”

Aileen Dacumos

Teaching Team

International subject teachers teach the main subjects. Our ESL teachers provide support to students who just moved to our English based school system.

Math Competitions

International Math Competitions, like Mathematic without Border, give our students an opportunity to measure their skills against a global competition.


Our campus has everything to provide a stimulating school environment, where learning is inspiring and fun.

Core and Extended Subjects




World History

Kyrgyz History




Physical Education




Information and Communication Technologies


Teaching Team

International Teachers

Our international teachers provide exciting lessons in subjects like English, Mathematics, Geography and others. They are complemented by our multilingual ESL teachers, helping students who just moved to an English language based school system to catch up with their language skills quickly.

Staying informed

SRIS Edupage Information System (SEIS)

At Silk Road International School we use our SRIS Edupage information system (SEIS) to document all our activities. Using SEIS parents receive up to date information their child’s grades and timetable. SEIS shows you the curriculum for the whole year and the class register shows you exactly what was taught in each lesson.

The SEIS message system helps you stay in touch with your child’s teachers and informs you about achievements as well as issues that need to be discussed and worked on.

SRIS Edupage homescreen on laptop (english)

Classroom assistants

Language Support

Many children have not reached English proficiency during their first years at an English language school. Our multilingual ESL teachers make sure they improve their English skills quickly. Additionally the children naturally acquire the language in subjects like Math and Science, simply because they are interested in the discussed topics.


SRIS Health Center

School Doctor

The SRIS school doctor performs several health related tasks to keep the Silk Road International School a healthy environment. She monitors the health of both our students and teachers and initiates intervention, if neccessary.

School doctor examining girl in yellow school uniform

Personal Development and Art Therapy

School Psychologist

Each child has its own specific needs. Our teaching team is assisted by our school psychologist, who helps us to understand your child’s development and optimally provide the best stimulation needed.

Art lesson in SRIS kindergarten with Miss Alina

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Captivationg Lessons

While Silk Road students have at least five english classes per week, these English lessons are not the only time they learn English.

We observe that a lot of progress is made when students are not even aware that they are learning English. Students are eager to learn more about the world. So when they learn about – BOOKS.

e.g. the science activity book (workbook) used for practices and homework, does not only reinforce the acquired knowledge in science, but enforces the students to use the right key terms in English and provides answer schemes to actively have them practice to express what the learned in English.

Especially in lower grades it helps students to activley use English as a language to express thoughts and ideas.

Science experiment let them experience the world around them in a very interesting way and build up experiences and fine motor skills.

In the cafeteria SRIS students get served breakfast and lunch


Our students receive breakfast and lunch in our school’s cafeteria.

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School Transport

Our logistic partner picks up your child in the morning and returns them after school.

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Cambridge approved books

Cambridge works with a range of publishers to produce high-quality textbooks and resources to support the core subjects.


In the SRIS library kids learn to love books and primary kids can sit in the reading corner and explore children's litature

School Library

Students find inspiring books and a place to read and work quietly in our library.

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Take the first step

Find out if Silk Road International School is right for you and your child. Read our admissions information and setup a visit to our campus by contacting us.


Frequently Asked

What is covered in Science?

Science combines the subjects Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The subjects are taught in blocks with separate books. Up to eigth grade the foundation is layed for the upcoming specilization in ninth grade.

When do students have Chemistry, Physics and Biology?

These subjects are covered within the subject ‘Science’. Starting 9th grade students select these specific courses within their Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

What extra curricular activities are available for middle school students?

We continously work on improving our club offers and extracuriccular activities. Please check out Clubs at SRIS page for the current status on our activities. 

What course choices do students have in middle school?

Middle School prepares students with a broad base for the upcomming Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Therefore there are no choices in subjects in middle school. As we currently work on extending our language program, we plan to be able to offer language choices in the near future.