10 February

Message from Principal 2nd Term

We have successfully moved onto Phase 3 of our Responsible Return Plan this means that we have opened our doors to all students to return to in-person instruction with gradual introduction of some extracurricular activities.

29 January

Mathematics without Borders 2020

International Tournament: During the last 7 years, since 2013, Bulgaria has been the host of Mathematics without Borders International Tournament for students aged 7 to 18. SRIS has participated in this completion for 4 consecutive years now.

12 January

Seminar Series: Education Essentials

In this bilingual seminar series experts from SRIS Cambridge School will tell parents everything they need to know to provide their children with the best education. The seminars address all parents, no matter what international, private or public school their children are attending. They are especially valuable to families that focus on multilingual education or want to send their kids to universities abroad.

20 November

2-days at school schedule

SRIS is moving to a 2-days at school schedule. Grade 7 to 11 will have two days in school starting 23rd of November 2020. This will allow for better preparation before the term finals.