SRIS provides a wide range of after-school activities for students to explore their interests. Student activities can help your child to further develop their specific interests and inspire them for future goals or careers.

Some of the Extracurricular Activities available to our students
Music (piano, guetar, komuz, violin, vocal)
Robot club
Mental arithmetic

After School Sports

Our school successfully competes in several sporting events. Training sessions equip students to compete in leagues against other schools and clubs in the following sports:

Table tennis

Football Club

Football Club’s purpose is to promote and develop an interest in soccer among young athletes. Students learn the importance of teamwork, healthy lifestyle and good sportsmanship while playing a sport they love.

The score is not important. What is important is that everyone has a good time.

Chess club

Chess Club is open to all students, regardless of skill level. Whether you are a skilled player who wants to sharpen your skills and test them at competitions, or you just enjoy playing the game and don’t wish to compete, or you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play the game, we welcome you.

SRIS wants to encourage more students to learn and play chess. It is a game with no barriers. People of any age, sex, physical ability, and social class can all play on equal terms. Chess is truly a ‘Sport for All’.

Dance club

Dance teacher - Dance lesson at SRIS

Please come and join SRIS FOLK DANCE CLUB for enjoyable dancing. We specialize in dances from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, South Asia and Europe. The dance club will be conducted every Monday and Wednesday from 15:15 to 16:00.

Karate club

Our trainings are held every Monday and Wednesday at the school’s Sport Hall. Welcome to Silk Road Taekwondo Club! Catch us there if you want to join and become a fellow “Martial Artist”!

Komuz club

Komuz is a national music instrument, an integral part of Kyrgyz culture. Komyz is very popular among the singers and musicians. During the classes students learn the basics about playing the instrument, various techniques and national musical pieces.

Piano club

The Piano Club brings together students who share an interest in playing or desire to learn this musical instrument. It gives students with and without piano-playing background and opportunity to learn or improve their skills. Students learn more about piano technique, practice habits, organizational skills, keyboard theory, sight-reading, and performance.

Table-tennis club

SRIS Table-tennis club is open for all table-tennis fans! We offer competitive and fun play for all walks of life! Join us every day after home-work hour!