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Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

Welcome to semester two! Congratulations – we’ve made it half way! While there have been struggles, I feel confident that we are on a path toward a greater sense of normalcy. I would like to thank our students, parents, and community members for all of their support during these challenging times. As we continue to move forward, we encourage parents to be vigilant in monitoring student grades through Edupage. Let’s make sure our students get the second semester off to a great start!

We have successfully moved onto Phase 3 of our Responsible Return Plan this means that we have opened our doors to all students to return to in-person instruction with gradual introduction of some extracurricular activities. I hope that our students are feeling settled-in with their new semester classes and are learning their new classroom routines! I know that starting brand new classes in January is probably something they have not done before but all students appear to be adjusting to the change quite well! For all our in-person students, this semester is a fresh start for everyone with brand new classes, so continue to follow-up with your students as they finish this second half of the school year.

On behalf of everyone connected with the school, I would like to welcome all the new families who have joined us at SRIS this term. I hope that everyone has had a good start in these first couple of days. It would have been wonderful to see you all in school but we trust and follow the guidance of the authorities.

Over the holiday our senior students have received some exciting University offers and we look forward to sharing these with you in the coming weeks. Even for our Primary families, it is nice to hear about the success of the older students. I am sure many fellow parents will tell you that even if exams and Universities seems a long way off now it will come around very quickly!

Learning throughout school is a journey that lasts about 15 years for most people – from the age of 3 through to 18. The curriculum is planned to increase in breadth and challenge as students get older and I know that many will have begun this term with exciting new topics. We should never forget the joy of learning and of discovering new things – there is a great deal of wonder to behold throughout school life and it is such a privilege to share this with young people.

My thanks as ever to all parents for their support throughout their children’s time at school and for enjoying the joy and wonder of learning alongside them.

Shelly Gupta