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In an amazing performance the SRIS football team won this years annual BISA Football Cup. Every year the teams of the internationally accredited schools, organized in the Bishkek International School Association, compete against each other.

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BISA 2022 Soccer International School Tournament combined team

What is the BISA Cup?

BISA, on an annual basis, holds tournaments between the schools’ teams. They cover the sports:

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Usually each team plays each other team. The team with most wins receives the BISA cup for this year.

Teams are grouped by age

Under 13 years old: Students 11 and 12 years old compete in this category.
Under 15 years old: Students 13 and 14 years old compete in this category.
Under 19 years old: In the U19 category upper high school students compete against each other. The maximum age is 18 years. School teams can compete at a higher age tier.

Location of this years BISA Cup

The tournament was hosted by UWIS at their outdoor sports facilities.

One year break is over

The BISA competitions are held annually for each sport. Due to the COVID pandemic, the annual BISA Tournaments were suspended for the last year. So this tournament was the first football tournament after a one-year break.