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SRIS Facilities

SRIS is a small school offering individual support to its selected students. Our homey campus, securely located in the 11th micro-rayon, offers all the facilities needed to provide quality education and familial atmosphere.

Teachers, Guests and High School Students can enjoy fresh coffee and sandwiches at the SRIS Bublik Cafe

Bublik Cafe

Parents, High School Students and our Teachers can refresh with a nice cup of coffee and sandwiches at our in-house Bublik Coffee Shop.

In the cafeteria SRIS students get served breakfast and lunch


Silk Road International School provides both a mid-morning snack and lunch for the students. Refer to our tuition fees page for cost information.

High School Cafe

During the break or study time, high school students can study together or socialize in out High School Cafe.

Science Lab

A thorough study of the sciences requires practical experience. In our Science Lab students conduct experiments in Chemistry and Biology.

ICT Room

ICT facilities are open to students during lunchtime.


Our School Kiosk provides stationaries and water. Primary children are restricted to one «canteen day» per week.

Sports Hall

Football Field

In the cafeteria SRIS students get served breakfast and lunch

Basketball Court


Projectors and Smartboards

Cleaning and Desinfection


The library is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00, and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00. Students are allowed to borrow books for one week at a time.

In the SRIS library kids learn to love books and primary kids can sit in the reading corner and explore children's litature

Reading Corner

Children can hang out in the reading corner and read one of the many provided children books.

Computer Corner

The library provides an adequately equipped library with ten computers, with access to the Internet.

Playgound Y-105

During playtime kindergarten and primary students run around and get active.

Playground Y-101

This area is used for hanging out or group game activities outside.

SRIS Campus

The SRIS campus is securly located in the 11th micro-region.

Our security guard at our entrance booth ensures only legitimate visitors can enter the campus. We also make sure students can not leave without permission.

Secured Entrance

Our Entrance Booth ensures only legitimate visitors can enter the campus. We also make sure students can not leave without permission.


Barriers prevent unauthorized access. Entrance is only possible thru the guards or with a valid keycard.

Alarm System

Our alarm system detects fire or triggers the school evacuation after a manual alarm. This is trained with the students at least ones a year.

School doctor examining girl in yellow school uniform

Health Center

The Health Centre is located on the first floor of the Elementary School building. It is attended by one full-time registered doctor.

Psychology Session Room

Students receive emotional support and guidance by our school psychologist.

WiFi Access

WiFi access is usually just available for staff. Students are granted access if internet  access is needed for learning projects.

Air Filtration System

Our school uses a ventilation system with integrated air filtration system to provide a healthy learning environment.


Our Facility Managment

Ms. Mahabat Ajibaeva, Cambridge Silk Road International School Business Manager

Supply Manager

Ms Mahabat Ajibaeva

Ms Mahabat manages our facility and internal logistics, as well as the purchasing department. This includes the managment of the school cafeteria.

Mr. Farrukh Gadaiboev, Cambridge Silk Road International School IT Officer

IT Manager

Mr Farrukh Gadaiboev

Mr Farrukh keeps our IT infrastructure running and supports teachers with their laptops.

Bus Service

Who is Target Logistic

Target Logistic is providing transport services for our school. Children are picked up in the morning on a scheduled time and transported right to school. After school the busses bring the children back home.

How to contact Target Logistics?

You can reach target logistics by phone at +996 705 75 65 77 or apply via this Google Form.

Outside view of the Silk Road International Kindergarten at SRIS Silk Road Kids

Silk Road Kids

Our Kindergarten Facility

Our Silk Road Kids Kindergarten provides an early childhood program with organic English language acquisition for four to six year old children.

The SRIS kindergarten is organized in two groups: The youngest children in our Pre-K group and the older children in our Grade Zero, the Pre-School group, which directly prepares for the school entry ahread.