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Learning Languages at SRIS

The SRIS language program

Since the SRIS school’s teaching language is English, the students develop proficiency in English in a short period of time. Our language program provides Students with extra English lessons, if they are joining us without sufficent English skills. These lessons are conducted by our EFL Department.

English Language Flag


We offer English as first and as alternative (second) language. Students joining us from Kyrgyz or Russian schools receive extra support.

German Language Flag


We offer German up to B1 Level. Students graduate with Cambridge IGCSE in 10th grade..

Kyrgyz Language Flag


Our Kyrgyz program covers both native speakers and foreigners. Our students are divided into different language groups.

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Russian is taught as second native language. Courses for foreigners are available.


Our Course Offerings

Basic and Advanced level language courses

Basic and Advanced level courses

All Grades

Our students join our international school with very different language combinations and skills. Therefore we are equipped to train languages on different levels per class. Students can choose to take their IGCSE exams for all languages either on first language or second language level.

Literature and Writing Courses

Literature and Writing Courses

5th grade to 12 grade

In Secondary we have dedicated literature lessons to get our students in touch with the work of great Kyrgyz, Russian and international writers. During our writing lessons we train them to create content themselves.

Memsource translation course

Machine Based Translations

8th to 12th grade

Handling multilingual content in projects and marketing has become a standard task for mid-sized and larger companies. Our students learn to use modern translation management software and acquire the skills to handle multilingual projects.


Our Teaching Method

Cambridge Curriculum

All Grades

All our English lessons follow the Cambridge curriculum from grade 1. We teach German from grade 8 to grade 10, following the Cambridge German syllabus for IGCSE.

Project Based Learning

5th grade to 12 grade

Thru the school year our students learn the practical use of a language while being engaged in enticing and interesting projects. This project based learning approach connects speaking a language with a purpose.

Cross-disciplinary teaching

8th to 12th grade

A language is not a purpose by itself. Its use is to communicate meaning. This is why we use teaching units that combine sciences and ICT with the language learning, giving the language use meaning and purpose.

Connecting Content


Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is an approach for learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), thus teaching both the subject and the language. We use CLIL modules in all our language teaching.

English as foreign language program

English as Foreign Language

EFL Support

Making the change to an international school and acquiring the necessary English skills is harder for some students. We provide these students the extra support they need, thru our EFL teachers, to catch up with their class and reach the required English level for their class quickly.

Language application

Content creation

While many administrative tasks in companies will be taken over by algorithms the next two decades, the demand for creative content creation is providing ever more job opportunities. We train our students to use their language skills to create fresh content and acquire the neccessary media skills.

Cambridge IGCSE

Currently we support Cambridge IGCSE Levels for English as first language, English as second language and German as second language. For international students we support taking the IGCSE first language exam for their native language on request. In 11th and 12th grade we offer A-Levels for English.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - language proficiency level batch: B2

CEFR Framework

We comply with the new standard

The Kyrgyz Republic is adoping a new standard, which originated in Europe and is now adopted as an international standard world wide. The goal is to increase the effectivness of teaching both local languages in Kyrgyzstan. The standard called CEFR is also used by Cambridge in teaching English.


Why we focus on language learning?

Study abroad

Each language opens up additional opportunities. Having studied abroad is a distinct career advantage. Worldwide many great universities offer courses in English. German makes the highly regarded universities of Germany, Austria and Switzerland accessible to our students.

Do better research

Scientific resources come in many languages. Our multilingual students can access sources in many languages and thus develop a broader few on the subjects they work on. This later increases the depth of their scientific papers and broadens their research.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Since the global availabilty of Netflix, we have all become aware of the different cultures and styles of story telling. Each additional language enables you to experience many more creations in their original language and get a deeper understanding of different cultures.

Become a Better Learner

Learning are language is not just about the language itself. It opens you up to another culture and different mindsets. Multilinguality increases your ability to absorb news concepts and innovative approaches.

Business Travel & Communication

Traveling gets easier with each foreign language. You are able to communicate with people from different cultures and make new friends in other parts of the world.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Since trade is global, multilingual applicants are in high demand in global companies. Having a developed set of languages increases your chances to get hired.
Additional Languages

Language Clubs

Language Club

Write on – The Fabulous English Club

This club delvelops advanced writing skills in our secondary students and helps them reach a near native level of English.

Language Club


Due to the tight trade relationships with Turkey and the similarity to the Kyrgyz language, Turkish has always been a popular foreign language here in the Kyrgyz Republic.


German Courses

Wir unterrichten Deutsch


We start introducing our students to German in 7th grade. The two year program for German IGCSE prepares them for the Cambridge IGCSE certificate.

The language level required for IGCSE is A2 with elements of B1, which is lower intermeidate and a good starting base to further develop the language skills by studing in a country, where German is spoken.


Why Learn With Us?


Established since 1999

We teach by an international curriculum for over 20 years.

Cambridge accredited

We provide the internationally accepted Cambridge diplomas.

International Teachers

Our teachers speak the language they teach on native level.

Qualified ESL Teachers

Our English as second language teachers help students catching up.

Full language immersion

All subject languages are taught in English.

Learn Translation Management

Memsource Training

Companies are searching for employees with the skills to manage international projects. At our SRIS we teach our students how to handle multilingual content and the use of professional translation management software.

Content and Language integrated Learning


CLIL is an accelerated method to teach subjects and topics in a target language, like English.

The hybrid immersion approach of CLIL produces a lot more immediate results and it appeals to our self-motivated SRIS students audiences who already possess a basic knowledge and understanding of English, or even speak Kyrgyz or Russian as their native language.

While essentially every international school uses the CLIL method to some degree to teach English, we also use it in our Kyrgyz and Russian classes to make the lessons captivating and ensure that our students are able to use their native language on a high level.


Frequently Asked

What happened to IGCSE Russian?
Cambridge Assessment International Education announced in December 2018, that they are withdrawing the syllabus ‘Cambridge IGCSE Russian – First Language (0516)’  with the last examination for this subject in June 2021. We do not know what the reasons for this decision was. However students aiming for a IGCSE degree in a foreign language can select our German IGCSE course.
Why does SRIS teach German?

We selected German as foreign language option, because we see an increasing interest of our students in studying in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. These countries have top level state universities, often free to their citizens, yet very affordable for foreign students.

While many of these universities also offer study courses in English, living and studying there requires at least an A2 (better B1) level in German.

What are language levels?

How well a person uses a language, called language proficiency is described using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages also used by Cambridge English Qualifications.

  • A1: Basic user > Breakthrough or beginner
  • A2: Basic user > Waystage or elementary
  • B1: Independent user > Threshold or intermediate
  • B2: Independent user > Vantage or upper intermediate
  • C1: Proficient user > Effective operational proficiency or advanced
  • C2: Proficient user > Mastery or proficiency

C1 and C2 are considered academic proficiency level. The tests also account for the ability to understand and process complex information. In fact many native speakers may not pass a C level language test in their mother language without preparation.

What are ISO language codes?
In our timetable, in our website URLs we use ISO language codes. These are international standards on how to abbreviate language names. ISO 639-2 provides 3 letter codes and. ISO 639-1 standarizes 2-letter abbreviations. The US Library of Congress provides a database with all registered language codes.

21 languages have been assigned two codes, which are treated as synonyms, e.g. ger and deu both stand for the German language.

Language Codes and Country codes are different. While the two-letter country code for Kyrgyzstan is KG, the language code is ky.