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Cambridge Advanced

Learners can choose from a range of assessment options in our upper high school program, including Cambridge International AS Level qualifications alone, or as part of a progression to Cambridge International A Level.

AS and A-Levels

Cambridge Advanced is a preparation program typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years who need advanced study to prepare for university and higher education. It offers  Cambridge International AS & A Level.

Cambridge Advanced builds on the foundations of Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE).

Our students gain places at leading universities worldwide with Cambridge International AS & A Levels. The syllabuses develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills.

Paul Radenhausen

Teaching Team

Our subject teachers are experiences top teachers in their field, supporting our student every step of the way during the challeging process of getting prepared for the Cambridge advanced levels.

College and Career

Our College and University Counceling team supports or students in finding their career path and successfully selecting to the best study options.

SRIS Graduates

All our students graduate with the Kyrgyz GOS Attestat. Many of them additionally take the Cambridge AS Levels. Some progress to taking the Cambridge A-Levels in 12th grade.

Our Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects

Mathematics (9709)

Biology (9700)

Chemistry (9701)

Physics (9702)

English General Paper (8021)

AS Level only

English Language (9093)

Geography (9696)

Business (9609)

Planned Courses

These courses are under preparation and available soon.

Computer Science (9618)

Global Perspectives and Research (9239)

Design and Textiles (9631)

Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics

An interactive look into our new Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics series for examination from 2020.

How to choose your A-levels the right way

Factors to consider when choosing our AS and A Level subjects.

AS/A Level Teachers

Specialists in their subjects

Our Cambridge AS and A Level teachers are qualified scientists or experts in their field. Supported by the Cambridge system they deliver challenging courses with depth and get our students ready to perform well at the external Cambridge Exams.

Staying informed

SRIS Edupage Information System (SEIS)

At Silk Road International School we use our SRIS Edupage information system (SEIS) to document all our activities. Using SEIS parents receive up to date information their child’s grades and timetable. SEIS shows you the curriculum for the whole year and the class register shows you exactly what was taught in each lesson.

The SEIS message system helps you stay in touch with your child’s teachers and informs you about achievements as well as issues that need to be discussed and worked on.

SRIS Edupage homescreen on laptop (english)

Getting ready for university

Our curriculum is designed to learn for life and prepare for a future career. This is why we always have the career options of our students in mind when we design our curriculum. 

Check out our College and University Counseling Department (CUC) page to learn how our CUC helps SRIS students to navigate their career options and assists them in the often complex application process.


Frequently Asked

Can you take AS Levels without committing to A Levels?

The AS Levels are independent qualifications, connected only in that they are prerequisites for the corresponding Cambridge A-Levels. They can be taken in 11th grade together with the GOS attestat and also qualify for university and college applications.

How intensive are AS/A-Levels?

Cambridge Advanced levels are usually taught with ca. 5 lessons per week and additionally require intensive self study. 

What is the advantage of taking A-Levels?

Three to four good A-Levels taken in the right combination qualify students to directly enter their main subjects at many universities. Without A-Levels students are often required to start with a ‘Foundation Year’ at universities.

How many courses should I sign up for?

For optimal chances in your application you should sign up for three subjects. A common combination is Math or one science plus English plus one of the social sciences or professional subjects. For a career in Medicine or Engineering it’s often Math and a Science and a Language. For a career in social sciences adding Global Perspectives and Research is recommended.

Where are Cambridge AS and A Levels accepted?

Cambridge provides an extensive database about the recognition of Cambridge Certificates on their website.