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Guiding Students into their Future

The College and University Counseling Department (CUC) at Silk Road International School helps SRIS students to navigate their career options and assists them in the often complex application process.

The CuC Department

Our Counselours

Ms. Aileen Dacumos - Mathematics and Middle School Coordinator

Head Counselour

Aileen Dacumos

Having over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience, Ms Aileen assists the students in finding and applying for colleges and universities locally and abroad. She manages all of the necessary certificates, letters of recommendations, school documents, and other necessary requirements that the students need in order to apply for their chosen college or university all the while being mindful of the deadlines. Furthermore, Ms Aileen ensures that each student’s college or university draft list is diverse and can offer a variety of scholarships that is tailor-made for each student.

University selection

Scholarship applications

Document collection

Application support

Deadline monitoring

English Teacher Callie Rades, Head of SRIS language department

Writing Coach

Callie Rades

As one of our most experienced English teachers Ms Callie trains and supports our students in writing well structured and deeply reflective motivation letters. The way students present themselves in these letters as part of their university application package is a big factor in the selection process.

Training the 'motivation letter' format

Guiding student's self reflection

Provide feedback on letter drafts


Assembling Documents

A successful application requires a large set of documents. The CUC helps student completing their application set.

Online Application

Our CUC assists students in completing the online applications for the universities of their choice and guides them in meeting the required deadlines.

Selecting the best option

Since students apply to many universtites, getting more then one acceptance letter is not unusual. The CUC helps to evaluate the available options to make a final decision.

This Year’s outcome

Two full scholarships

Receiving a scholarship at a competitive university is extremely hard. Therefore we are very proud that two of our students could secure a scholarship.

We congratulate all our students for being accepted at great universities.


College and University Counseling

Finding the right career path for your future.

There are thousands of good universities world wide. Picking the best ones for you to apply to, is not an easy task. To make a good choice you need to know your career goals after university.

Often people aim for the most recognized brands, but due to their popularity these universities have excessive selection criteria and scholarships are arduous to get.

Our CUC department guides you in exploring your interests and suitable university options.



The SRIS CUC provides …


Clear understanding of the different university systems

The application process for each country and university is unique. The CUC helos the students understand the specific requirements.


Helping the students to plan an international career path.

A student chooses to apply and impact their ultimate to make a pathway.


Matching the student's goal with university fit.

Students must have very specific goals to pick the best university and courses to study.


Application planning and writing.

This process will ideally begin during a student’s last year at school and finish in their final year.


Managing deadlines and document sending.

School counselor manages competing deadlines and supporting students in sending important documents to universities.


Frequently Asked

Where do Cambridge qualifications take you?

Success in Cambridge qualifications often gives students admission to the world’s best universities – in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and beyond.

Cambridge qualifications are accepted and valued by universities around the world, including MIT, Harvard and Cambridge.

They are recognized as qualifications that prepare and equip students with the skills they need to succeed both at university and beyond. Universities work with Cambridge Assessment International Examination in developing and revising their curriculum. Colleges and Universities all over the world value the independent research and critical thinking skills, as well as the deep subject knowledge that Cambridge qualifications bring.

Where are Cambridge qualifications accepted?

Students can be confident that their Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications are accepted as equivalent to UK GCSE and AS & A Levels by leading universities worldwide. An independent study by UK NARIC, the national agency in the UK for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills, has found the qualifications to be comparable to UK GCSE and AS & A Level.

Cambridge provides a searchable Cambridge qualification recognition database.

News & Resources

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Cooperations provide real world experiences

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