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SRIS School Doctor

With 32 years of work experience and already at Silk Road International School for over 15 years, Dr. Janyl has seen many of our students grow from 1st grade to young graduates. This tight relationship makes her a trusted contact person for our students at SRIS.

Doctor’s Office

Our school doctor’s office is located in the main SRIS building (A) on the right side of the ground floor in room A-119.

SRIS school doctor Janyl Kankulieva

“Kiss the children, the sweetest, their health is the most important, their tears are the most painful, their love is the most expensive.”

Janyl Kankulieva

Keeping SRIS healthy

During the COVID-19 pandemic our school doctor, Dr. Janyl, was checking all incoming students, teachers and visitors for temperature and signs of sickness. She also trained our team in hygiene measures.

Health Services at SRIS

The SRIS school doctor performs several health related tasks to keep the Silk Road International School a healthy environment.

First Aid

The main task of the school doctor is to provide first aid to children and teachers in case of an emergency. With over 500 people present at school during a normal school day it is unavoidable that ocassionally someone needs medical attention. Our SRIS school doctor is ready for these situations.

Child Monitoring

Our doctor carries out medical and preventive measures to make sure our students are in optimal health condition. This includes monitoring the nutrition of our children. On indication of any problems, our doctor immediately contacts the parents and discusses necessary measures.

Emergency Readiness

During our Fire and Emergency drills we also practice crisis intervention, to make sure our doctor and our staff is ready to give everyone the best care in an emergency situation. While we do everything to prevent situations like this from ever happening, we believe in being ready for anything. 

Medication Compliance

Both students and teachers get supported by our school doctor if they have to take regular medication. Our school doctor helps them to stay in complicance with their prescription and is there to address side effects and react quickly if neccessary.

Monitoring Child Development

Not every child develops the same. Observing the children’s development is important to recognize any abnormality early, when issues can still be fixed with medical intervention and chronic conditions can be avoided.


Our doctor helps parents to stay current with the vaccinations, which are recommended according to the official vaccination calendar. She also keeps our staff healthy by conducting the yearly recommended flu vaccination for teachers.


Experienced Doctor

Dr. Janyl is a fully trained Pediatrician of the highest category with over 32 years of work experience.


Excellence in Healthcare

Dr. Janyl has received the award for “Excellence in Healthcare” of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Available Full-Time

Dr. Janyl is present at our school from school start to the last lesson. 


Greeting Team

Dr. Janyl is part of our morning greeting team. This way she has visual contact with most students and teachers during a school day and can spot and address any signs of health issues immediatly.



During the COVID pandemic Dr. Janyl was checking all incoming students and teachers for temperature and signs of sickness


No Extra Fees

The services of our school doctor is included in the regular school fees. Only medication and vaccination costs may have to be covered extra.

“The health and wellbeing of our students at Silk Road International School has the highest priority. Therefore I value Ms Janyl’s experience and input highly. Our school doctor is consulted before every decision we make that could have an impact on our student’s health.”

Shelly Gupta