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Shelly Gupta giving her annual keynote at the SRIS spring festival 2022

Constant Improvement

“At SRIS we continuously work on constant improvement to get closer to our vision everyday. School life has become more agile and we have to adapt to changes in the outside world all the time. We always keep the wanted results in mind: Qualify our students for top universities and teach them all the skills necessary to perform during their university studies.”

Shelly Gupta

Spring Keynote 2022
The musical Nomadic Spirit covers important events in Kyrgyz history and was created using project based teaching (PBL).

Nomadic Spirit

The musical Nomadic Spirit covers important events in Kyrgyz history and was created using project based teaching (PBL). Our students have shown an amazing performance at our Spring Festival, presenting this self produced musical.
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Watch the full Keynote

The full 19 minute Keynote with the title ‘Vision for a Better School’, including Russian translation, is available via YouTube.

You may also watch the complete Spring Festival recording, including the Traditional Kyrgyz Fashion Performance, this 2022 Spring Keynote, the Nomadic Spirit musical and the ‘Celebrating Diversity‘ parade. All the segments are also available on their own.

We give your child a competitive edge in a globalized world - Silk Road International School - Cambridge International Examination

Traditional Kyrgyz Fashion Performance

Our students present Kyrgyz costumes, designed by an innovative designer, combining traditional patterns with modern design.
We give your child a competitive edge in a globalized world - Silk Road International School - Cambridge International Examination

Full 2022 Spring Festival

Our complete program from start to finish is also available, for you to watch, on YouTube.
We give your child a competitive edge in a globalized world - Silk Road International School - Cambridge International Examination

Celebrating Diversity

Our program ended with an impressive parade of all the nationalities represented at Silk Road International School.
Shelly Gupta: Spring Presentation 2022 - Видение лучше - Director of Silk Road International School й школы -

Our Vision for a Better School

Director of Silk Road International School, Shelly Gupta, showcases the SRIS Vision and Mission. She then describes our achievements and ongoing pursuit of constant improvement.
Slide: SRIS is the best place for merited young talents to develop social competence, cultural awareness and stable personalities.

SRIS Vision

We have been working diligently to increase access to quality education for able learners and students with different cognitive needs alike. We want to reach out to different kinds of learners and provide multiple means of engagement, expressions, representations and actions.

Slide: Ensuring All Students Are Learning - Results

Focusing on Results

Good education needs to focus on results. Education is a significant investment for a family.

How can you make sure your education goals are achieved?

How we ensure that all students are learning.

Slide: Our results this academic year 2021/2022 - Achievement

Achievement Retrospective

Each end of term we look back at our achievements of the current academic year and evaluate the progress of our current projects. Deep improvements need consistency and permanent benchmarking to be achieved. This section of the presentation starts by updating the 1st term retrospective with the latest developments.

Slide: Amazing IGCSE Results - Cambridge IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Amazing IGCSE Results

The first SRIS cohort of SRIS students passed the Cambridge IGCSE exams with phenomenal results. 80% of the students received A or above, A and A* being the best grades. And this despite having a short preparation time of only one year, compared to the usual two years for the IGCSE program.  90% of the exams were graded B or above and every single exam was passed with at least a C, which given the high standards of Cambridge is still a good result.

Slide: Project Based Learning (PBL): Discover, Built, Solve - Kyrgyz History: Experience your legacy - World History: Self Learning - Music and Arts: Fostering creativity - We moved from STEM to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered approach where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

This can happen through role games, simulations or internships. Another possibility is learning by working on a real world problem.

In business for example students were learning about Cash Flow by playing a game.

Slide: Extracurricular activities for stimulation - SRIS Clubs

Extracurricular Activities

At Silk Road International School we offer a wide selection of extracurricular subjects and activities. After the clubs had to be suspended during COVID, we brought them back and are now actively extending our program of activities.

Slide: Four new Cambridge IGCSE Subjects - Travel and Tourism, Physical Education, German, Global Perspectives

IGCSE Course Offers

At SRIS we always work to improve our Cambridge curriculum to keep it both interesting for the students and relevant for their future career. This year we extended our IGCSE curriculum with the subjects: Travel & Tourism, Physical Education, German and Global Perspectives.
IST 2022 – International School Tournament 2022 - Football, Soccer, Basketball

BISA Cup 2022

Students of the top international schools in Bishkek regularly compete in an International School Tournament (IST).  Our student did great this year and won the BISA Cup in Football. Our team also made 2nd (boys) and 3rd (girls) in the basketball tournament.

Math Competition: AMC Award (American Math Competition)

AMC Math Competition

International Math Competitions give our students an opportunity to measure their skills against a global competition. SRIS students participated in American Mathematics Competitions and won several awards. AMC is a series of examinations that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge.

Slide: Jismo - Japan International Science and Mathematics Olympiads - Science and Math

JISMO Math Competition

Silk Road International Students have performed well at Math Competitions in recent years, it gives them confidence in their abilities and shows them that they have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.
Slide: Math Competition: Mathematics Without Borders MWB Award Winners

MWB Math Awards

Our SRIS students experience the joy of training hard and see that they are able to become better Math students, who can perform on the same level as their international peers. 30 students were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze by Mathematics without Borders. MWB math competition has become one of the biggest Mathematics contests worldwide.

Slide: University Counseling • Status Report

University Counceling

The College and University Counseling Department (CUC) at Silk Road International School helps SRIS students to navigate their career options and assists them in the often complex application process. Many students could be placed already this year and four students received scholarships.

Slide: Constant Improvement: Symbolic Image with Lightbulb

Constant Improvement

In this fast moving world schools need to permanently adopt and improve. This is why we permanently inspect our program for potential of improvement and react to new teaching techniques and education options.

Last year’s statement is still true: Change is the only constant.

Cambridge Assessment International Education: Full Cambridge Advanced Assessment and Certification, AS Level curriculum, A-Levels

Cambridge Advanced Levels

Students in 11th grade were already taught the Cambridge Advanced Level syllabus. This gives them the option now to continue with 12th grade and take the A-Levels. This advanced study prepares them for university and gives them direct access to the main study, skipping foundation year.

Slide: Further improvements in our language department, CEFR standard

Improved Language Program

We are  completely overhauling our language program for English, Kyrgyz, Russian and German. We introduce the latest teaching standards for all languages and use the CEFR levels to organize our learning groups. The CEFR standard is currently also implemented by the Kyrgyz Republic.

Slide: English Intensive Class in Middle School - Focus on English, Individual Learning Approach

Intensive English

SRIS integrates new students from local schools quickly with CLIL and an intensive English program. Students’ English skills are assessed weekly and teachers adjust their teaching plans to the current level of the class. If needed each student received individual support.
Slide: Cooperations providing real world experiences - Luxury Hotel, Premium Gym, Medical Center, In-House Seminars, Summer-time Internships, Career Opportunities

Real World experience

Real World experiences are important for students to acquire real world skills. It also helps them to put what they learned at school into perspective and turn it into real knowledge.

We are proud to introduce the first signed partnerships with Karven Club and Orion Hotel for in-house seminars.

Thank you to our cooperation partners: Karven Sport Club

Thank you to Karven Club

Our IGCSE Physical Education students get the possibility to experience the business side of a sports club right at Karven Club. The management of Karven agreed to give our students an intensive tour of their facility. They will explain the inner workings of a sports club and show them what is important when you provide services in the Fitness industry.

Slide: SRIS is Great Value: Full Cambridge Curriculum, Lowest Tuition Fee, Constant Improvement of Education
, SRIS is becoming more popular, Our Waiting List is growing, Register until 15th April 2022

SRIS is Great Value

SRIS is the most affordable Cambridge International School, providing a full Cambridge program at the lowest tuition fee available. SRIS provides permanent improvement of their education. That has made SRIS very popular this year and the waiting list is growing quickly. Public Registrations open on 16th of April. SRIS parents should prolong their contract until the 15th of April to secure their seat.