Bishkek International School Association (BISA)

BISA Cup from International School Tournament IST-U15 Basketball

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What is BISA?

Bishkek International School Association is an association of the top international schools in Bishkek. BISA organizes tournaments between the school’s teams, sometimes referred to as International School Tournaments, or IST.

What is the BISA Cup?

BISA, on an annual basis, holds tournaments between the schools’ teams. They cover the sports:

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Usually each team plays each other team. The team with most wins receives the BISA cup for this year.

Healthy Competition

The cup is important to our school’s sport program, since it allows our students to measure their abilities against peers. This creates self-confidence if the teams do well. However it also helps personal growth to reflect over disappointing results. Students also need to develop a health self perceptions and learn to improve on levels where they are not in the lead over others.

Teams are grouped by age

Under 13 years old: Students 11 and 12 years old compete in this category.
Under 15 years old: Students 13 and 14 years old compete in this category.
Under 19 years old: In the U19 category upper high school students compete against each other. The maximum age is 18 years. School teams can compete at a higher age tier.

Boys, Girls, Mixed

Usually the U13, U15 and U19 teams are further divided into a ‘Boys’ and a ‘Girls’ team. However with certain sports there may be ‘Mixed’ teams.


Who are the members of BISA?

BISA is an association of internationally accredited schools with English as their teaching language. Currently these schools are members:


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27. April 2022