Kabarlar is a Kyrgyz News and Marketing Agency in Bishkek

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Kabarlar is a Kyrgyz News and Marketing Agency in Bishkek

News and Marketing Agency in Bishkek

Kabarlar is a Kyrgyz News and Marketing Agency with over 1,000,000 unique visitors. Their channels have more than 10 million page views per month. They cover local and news events in written blog posts. Most events however are covered with video reports, interviews and testimonial videos.

The Kabarlar Philosophy

The news philosophy is to see their viewers not just as numbers in the statistics panel. They understand that real people come to their website every day for news, exclusive videos, analytical materials, and interviews with politicians.

Kabarlar Marketing Services

The marketing department can create and place banners for marketing purposes. The agency writes and publishes advertising article or videos on their platforms.

On request they develop an interesting special project together with the client, that integrates various interactive media tools and provides an interesting marketing experience for the user. This guarantees the clients recognition and catches the viewers attention.

The Outlets of Kabarlar


Kabarlar’s homepage at kabarlar.org is their main publishing channel.

Facebook Channel

The team also operates a Facebook Page where they post all articles and offer marketing services to their subscribers.

Instagram Channel

Many users prefer Instagram. So they also posts summaries of their posts to their Instagram Channel.

Other Channels

The news and videos are also published on other channels like their Telegram channel and their YouTube channel. For the current list please refer to their Homepage.

A long term supporter of SRIS

The Bishkek News Agency has supported Silk Road International School for many years. They cover most of our school events and SRIS seminars. Most of our SRIS Promotion Videos are produced by Kabarlar.

A big thank you to Kabarlar.org

We want to thank Kabarlar-Team for the years of productive and constructive cooperation. You have help us a lot in getting our philosophy out and communicating our constant improvements.




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27. April 2022