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Cambridge IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education

CAIE created Cambridge IGCSE more than 30 years ago. Today, it’s the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. Not only is it truly international – it gives students more options than any other international qualification. That means more subjects to choose from, more ways to learn and more ways to succeed.

2022 IGCSE Results even better

IGCSE 2022 results – C or better

  • 100% results for physics
  • 100% results for Chemistry
  • 95% results for Mathematics
  • 90% results for Biology
  • 75% results for English Language

First Cohort with Amazing results

We are extremely proud to be able to announce the IGCSE results of the first batch of IGCSE exams for Silk Road International School as we continue our full transition to the Cambridge international curriculum. First, we would like to provide some background.

The Cambridge IGCSE Results

The first SRIS cohort of Cambridge IGCSE students passed the Cambridge exams with phenomenal results, despite a short preparation time and month of online lessons.

Out of the entire 10th grade, 12 of our students took the IGCSE risk and the results showed their dedication and commitment to success.

80% of the test results were either A or A*

Every one of the 12 students passed their exams with a minimum of C, and 80% of the test results were either A or A* – a phenomenal results for our first group of IGCSE students, especially given the circumstances surrounding them. What they accomplished is nothing short of spectacular.

We cannot state enough how immensely proud we are of what our students and teachers accomplished in such a short time and we are likewise excited to see what the future holds for our next groups of students. We firmly believe that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey for the Silk Road family to greater challenges and greater success.

Our High Achievers – 2021

  • Adiya Yerenova – 5 Exams, all A and 4 A*
  • Maksim Tsoi – 5 Exams, all A and 2 A*
  • Kanai Kushchubekov – 3 Exams, all A*
  • Aidana Narynbekova – 3 Exams, 1 A*
  • Enes Berke Gurbuz – 3 Exams, all passed
  • Dariga Arynova – 2 Exams, 1 A
  • Alan Kachkynbekov – 2 Exams, 2 A
  • Indira Sagynbekova – 2 Exams, 1 A 1A*
  • Adnan Rahmanian – 2 Exams, 1 A*
  • Bektur Usenaliev – 2 Exams, both passed
  • Adilkhan Tursunbaev – 2 Exams, both passed
  • Akinai Shailieva – 1 Exam, 1A*

Context of this amazing Cambridge IGCSE achievement

As many of you are now aware, under the Cambridge system students of grades 9 and 10 prepare for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams. These exams are the culmination of two years of study.

SRIS made the complete switch in high school to a Cambridge curriculum only last year, which meant that there would need to be a period of adjustment and acclimation to the new standards and methods of education.

What was especially challenging for our last group of 10th graders was the fact that they needed to prepare for this two-year exam in only one year, with only 6 months of in-person education!

Naturally, this presented a great challenge both to the students and to the teachers who were tasked with getting those students ready in such a reduced period for preparation.

And ready they were.

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