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Mathematics Without Borders

Mathematics Without Borders is an international Mathematics competition established 2013. The Mathematics Without Borders finals are hosted in Bulgaria and has become one of the biggest Mathematics contests worldwide.

Mathematics without borders convention in Bulgaria

Compete globally at Math Competitions

International Math Competitions, like Mathematic without Border, give our students an opportunity to measure their skills against a global competition. Since our Silk Road International Students have performed well in recent years, it gives them confidence in their abilities and shows them that they have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.
Our SRIS students experience the joy of training hard and see that they are able to to become better Math students, who can perform on the same level as their international peers.

Mathematics without borders convention in Bulgaria
Banner of 7th Mathematics without Borders, Math Competition featuring the participating countries

15 000 students from 20 countries at Mathematics without Borders

Mathematics without Borders is a truly international Mathematics competition: 15 000 students from 20 countries took part in the autumn round 2020. Some rounds come close to 17000 participants.

Participants come from Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, the Philippines, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Final Math round in Bulgaria

The first three rounds are held remotely, in the contestant’s school. The best students qualify for the end round in Bulgaria, where they face contestant’s from all over that world, and meet peers from 20 countries for a shared experience.
This stay is not just Mathematics competition of course. Social events, sight seeing trips and cultural events make the trip worth while.

Silk Road International School students attending the Mathematics without borders competition in Bulgaria
Kyrgyz delegation to the math competition in bulgaria

Putting Kyrgyzstan on the map

Who doesn’t hate it, when people in other countries are completely unaware of where Kyrgyzstan is and what students in the Kyrgyz Republic can achieve. Participation in international Mathematics competitions, like Mathematics without Border, puts our students in contact with students from all over the world.
This does not only improve their cultural awareness, but establishes global connections and makes more people around the world aware of the beauty of Kyrgyzstan and the kindness of its people.

Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic

Our students represent our school at the Mathematics without Borders competition, but they also become ambassadors for the Kyrgyz culture, representing the Kyrgyz Republic at social events and the cultural evening.

Presentation of Kyrgyz Culture at the Mathematics without borders

SRIS students do well at Mathematics Competitions

Many of the contestants from Silk Road International School have achieved medals in previous years and qualified for the final round in Bulgaria.

Attending the finals is one of the highlights of the school year. The group travels attended by a teacher and meets students from all over the world.

MWB (Mathematics Without Borders) Medals 2021
MWB (Mathematics Without Borders) Medal winning contestants 2021

COVID didn’t stop us

Even though in 2020 the final round, due to travel restrictions, was only at location for Bulgarian students, SRIS and many other schools participated remotely in the Mathematics without Borders finals and again our student did well in this international mathematics competition.

Contestants 2021

Also this year our students did will in this international math competition. Many contestants received certificates and medals by Mathematics without Borders.

Mathematics Without Borders 2020

Ceremonies and global exchange
During the finals of Mathematics without Borders in Bulgaria students have the opportunity to represent their countries during the opening ceremony.

Contestents than compete in individual competitions and in a group competition, where school groups work as team to solve Math puzzles better then other teams.

During a the award ceremony the winning teams are recognized and at the closing ceremony the individual contestants are acknowledged and medalists receive their medals.

Final Destination: Nessebar, Bulgaria
The finals of Mathematics without Border are held in Nessebar in Bulgaria. There are individual mathematics tests and group competitions, where students work as a team.
Who is the Mathematics without Borders Team?
Mathematics without Borders is organized by the Pedagogical Association Education without Borders in Bulgaria. Our representative and local coordinator at Silk Road International School is Aileen Dacumos. Organizational infos are posted on the Pedagogical Association Education without Borders website and the Mathematics without Border Facebook Page.

How Mathematics without Borders works

This international math competition is conducted in several rounds and contestants are seperatly assessed in age groups.

Local Rounds

The first three rounds are held locally in Bishkek. This means that the contestants will take the tests at SRIS. The final round is held in Bulgaria.

Test Format

Each round of the tournament consists of a test for each age group. The test duration is 60 minutes. There are 20 questions in each test.

Age Groups

The tournament is for students aged 7 to 18 years, who are divided into nine age groups based on their year of birth.

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