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During the last 7 years, since 2013, Bulgaria has been the host of Mathematics without Borders International Tournament for students aged 7 to 18.

During those 7 years, the tournament has become one of the biggest contests in Bulgaria, as well as worldwide, in terms of participants and number of participating countries from 5 continents.

SRIS has participated in this completion for 4 consecutive years now.

First round of the 8Th edition of the tournament started on the 24th of October 2020. There were 3 rounds and students who received 2 medals are qualified for the final round which will be held in Bulgaria.


These SRIS participants could achieve awards:

Gold Medal

  • Amber Kim Daeun (Gr 3)
  • Bushra Zumra Ayhan  (Gr 5)
  • Adinai Almazova (Gr 7)

Silver Medal

  • Latifa Mahmanabieva (Gr 3)
  • Bayel Suyuunbaev  (Gr 5)
  • Emaad Ali Shah   (Gr 5)
  • Nailya Toktosunova ( Gr 7)

Bronze Medal

  • Mehmet Bilal Ayhan  (Gr 3)