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Mathematics Without Borders (MWB) is an international Mathematics competition established 2013. The MWB math competition has become one of the biggest Mathematics contests worldwide.

Our SRIS students experience the joy of training hard and see that they are able to to become better Math students, who can perform on the same level as their international peers. Our Mathematics teachers provide extra coaching and training before the contest. This extra training also raises the performance of the students in their regular Mathematics lessons and correlates to their later performance in the Cambridge IGCSE exams in math and the sciences.

Why Mathematics Competitions are important?

International Math Competitions, like Mathematics without Borders, and American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) give our students an opportunity to measure their skills against a global competition. Silk Road International Students have performed well in recent years, it gives them confidence in their abilities and shows them that they have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.

SRIS students performed well at the MWB Mathematics Award

This year, thousands of students from 18 countries took part in the winter round of MWB 2022 and over 30 of our students were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. They will receive their medals and certificates after the general exams. In addition, we congratulate the following students:

Silk Road International School students won medals at the Mathematics without borders competition in BulgariaGold Math Award

  • Abiya Almazova
  • Aliya Sharabidinova
  • Alkhan Dzhuraeva
  • Atay Kairdinov
  • Niel Park
  • Nurislam Akjigilov
  • Umar Abdimalikov
  • Umar Bazakov

Silver Math Award

  • Abdumalik Medetov
  • Ademi Estebesova
  • Adilet Daniyarbekov
  • Iskander Yunusov
  • Iskender Sabyrbekov
  • Jannat Tursunbaeva
  • Kim Amber Daeun
  • Nazar Zhenisbekov
  • Sara Rumeysa Mert

Bronze Math Award

  • Alina Wei Mingxin
  • Aslanbay Dooranov
  • Bayana Abdyimitalipova
  • Bushra Zumra Aihan
  • Daniel Akmataliev
  • Elmyrza Imanaliev
  • Emaad Ali Shah
  • Iskhak Imanaliev
  • Kubanychbek Zhusupbekov
  • Latifa Makmanabieva
  • Samira Saibzhanova
  • Sherkhan Saparbekov
  • Tamerlan Dooranov
  • Usman Sulaymanov