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Front view of the luxury hotel Orion Hotel in Bishkek

Orion Hotel Bishkek

The Orion Hotel Bishkek is the greatest addition to Bishkek and is the most luxurious heaven of comfort, quality service and fine cuisine. Ideally located in the business district surrounded by a beautiful park and greenery.

Room at the Orion Hotel Bishkek - Luxury Boutique hotel

Hospitality Partnership

Orion Hotel supports SRIS in training young potentials for a future career in the hospitality sector. In a two day in-house seminar, students of IGCSE Travel and Tourism get an on site introduction to every department in a high class luxury hotel.

Travel and Tourism - Study at SRIS - At SRIS we prepare our students for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Cambridge IGCSE: Travel & Tourism (0471)

The Cambridge IGCSE Travel & Tourism syllabus is designed to help meet the need for skilled and knowledgeable individuals in this rapidly diversifying industry. The intention of the syllabus is to provide a broad introduction to the travel and tourism industry and related hospitality sector.

Orion Hotel Bishkek Logo - Luxury Boutique hotel

Contact Orion Hotel

Please refer to the contact page of Orion Hotel Bishkek, for up to date contact information or to use their contact form for inquires.

Beyond Ordinary

The Guests are always the first priority at Orion Hotel. Orion guarantees unsurpassed, high-quality and courteous service at all times.
This exquisite boutique hotel aims to exceed the expectations of their guests and takes a leading position in the industry while respecting the Kyrgyz national culture.
Orion Hotel is welcoming guests from around the world to experience true Kyrgyz Hospitality.
Located in the very heart of Bishkek, Orion is known for its luxurious suits, breathtaking city views and astonishing cuisine.

Cambridge Travel and Tourism provides great career opportunities

SRIS teaches Travel & Tourism

Tourism and Travel offers great opportunities for career and is guaranteed to keep your job interesting and challenging. In tourism and hospitality you work closely with people and need a high service orientation. Meeting many interesting people and giving them a great holiday experience can be very rewarding.

Orion supports this course with in-house training.