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Silk Road Kids

SRIS International Kindergarten

Let your child learn English with ease in Kindergarten: Give your child the opportunity to acquire English without effort. Silk Road Kids International Kindergarten has limited capacity. Act now and get the current fee guaranteed for the whole kindergarten time of your child.

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Little Genius Kindergarten-Program

Our Silk Road Kids Kindergarten provides an early childhood program with organic English language acquisition for four to six year old children.

The SRIS kindergarten is organized in two groups: The youngest children in our Pre-K group and the older children in our Grade Zero, the Pre-School group, which directly prepares for the school entry ahread.

Art lesson in SRIS kindergarten with Miss Alina
A boy at SRIS kindergarten drawing a landscape.

Virtual Tour of Silk Road Kids

This short video gives you a short impression of our SRIS kindergarten and our facilities. See how Silk Road Kids looks in action and how a day at our kindergarten feels like.



Our young learners get their first introduction to reading and writing. All the lessons are conducted in English.


This subject gets our little geniuses in touch with numbers and lets them explore how the world works.


Developing creativity and training motor skills is key at that development stage of your child. Art help to achive that and give your children self-confidence in their abilities.


Complenting our art program for kindergarten, handicraft is great fun and develops your child’s motor skills while building exciting projects.

The Silk Road Kids Facilities

The LEGO room at SRIS allows kids to explore their creativity. Here the room right after a lesson.


Lego bricks are the perfect tools for children to develop fine motor skills and explore their creativity. Our Lego room offers the perfect environment for our little builders. The specialized child-sized Lego furniture makes accessing the Lego bricks easy.

The handicraft and arts room at SRIS kindergarten supplies all the tools for drawing and working on handicraft projects.

Arts and Crafts Room

The handicraft and arts room at SRIS kindergarten supplies all the tools for drawing and working on handicraft projects. The children learn to express themselves and how to use creativity tools.
The planet room of the Silk Road International Kindergarten

Planetarium Room

What’s out there? In the planet room our children learn about the stars, the moon and the planets. It also gives them a hideaway space whenever the playroom gets to busy.
Outside view of the Silk Road International Kindergarten at SRIS Silk Road Kids

Brand New Building

The Silk Road International Kindergarten is placed in a modern facility, specifically designed and built for its purpose. The light-weight furniture was ordered from the UK so kids can handle them themselves.

Come Visit Us

If you want to experience our kindergarten facilities in real life, just make an appointment with us and see our facilities and kindergarten group with your own eyes. Get a feeling yourself how great Silk Road kids is and if it is the right kindergarten for your child.

At what age can my child join Silk Road Kids?

Children usually join at the age of four. If you feel that your child is already ready for kindergarten at the age of three, please talk to us.

How much is the Silk Road Kindergarten?

Please consult our Fees at Silk Road International School page to see our current admission fee.


These principals guide us …

The SRIS Vision

SRIS is the best place for merited young talents to develop the social competence, cultural awareness and stable personalities needed to become esteemed global citizens in order to make a contribution in society. SRIS graduates live by a timeless set of universal values and have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.

The SRIS Mission

SRIS strives to provide the best stimulation for young students to develop the responsibility, integrity and self-motivation necessary to develop their personalities and gain the skills to build a career for themselves in the future.


We do everything to provide a stimulating learning environment within SRIS, where learning is inspiring and fun.


We are responsible for honoring our commitments and treat all humans, creatures and resources with respect.


We respect the needs of the people and world around us and we honor the commitments that we made.


It is our life that we are shaping and that of the people around us. We want to learn, develop and become a better version of ourselves.

Our Vision for a Better School

Our Vision for a Better School

Director Shelly Gupta outlines achievements, ongoing improvements and her vision for a better school at SRIS in her 2022 Spring Keynote. She shows why SRIS is the best place for merited young talents.