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We learn for life, not for school.

Real World experiences are important for students to acquire real world skills. It also helps them to put, what they learned at school, into perspective and turn it into real knowledge. This is why SRIS has been reaching out to companies for many month to form partnerships that allow students to get that real world experience.

We are proud to introduce the first signed partnerships, which are currently implemented.

We continue to work with our partners on summer internship opportunities for our students.

Karven Club

Karven Club is one of the Top Sports Clubs and Gym in Bishkek. Our IGCSE Physical Education students get the possibility to experience the business side of a sports club right at Karven Club. The management of Karven agreed to give our students an intensive tour of their facility. They will explain the inner workings of a sports club and show them what is important when you provided services in the Fitness industry.

We want to thank Karven Club for giving our students this unique possibility.

Orion Hotel

Orion Hotel is one of the top luxury hotels in Bishkek and raised the bar for five star hotel in Bishkek when they opened. Orion Hotel Bishkek supports our IGCSE Travel and Tourism students by giving them an insight into the complex organization of the hospitality sector. In a two day seminar our students will be shown all departments at the Orion Hotel and see their inner workings.

A big thank you also to the Orion Hotel Bishkek for their support in providing real world experiences for our students.

Medical Center

We are in progress of negotiating a partnership with a private medical clinic, to provide in-house seminars, internships and more real world experiences for students who are interested in studying Medicine or Biology.