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Silk Road International School (SRIS) hosted the Nooruz festival 2021. During the event parents were able to choose the design of a new school uniform from the school uniform contest.

  • SRIS held a festive event on the eve of the Nooruz holiday 2021. The invited parents were provided with information about the format of education in the context of the pandemic in the 2020 academic year, Shelly Gupta’s Keynote under the title “Change is the only Constant” informed about lessons with special rules and about the conditions used so far. She also gave a status report of achieved goals and ongoing projects.
  • An important part of the event was a new design of the school uniform, which was put at the choice of parents. Three domestic designer brands have created four prototypes of school uniforms for schoolchildren in the context of this school uniform contest
  • The design from the school uniform contest that received the majority of votes from parents and students will be adopted as the new school uniform at the beginning of the next academic year (2021/2022). Parents also got the opportunity to vote for keeping the existing uniform.