Shelly Gupta

Shelly Gupta - Director of Silk Road International School

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Shelly Gupta is an educational leader with over twenty years’ experience in Kyrgyzstan where her son was born.

Ms Shelly is a leader who believes in the importance of authenticity and is passionate about coaching in education as a means to create a learning culture across the organization.

She is an internationally certified educator, including certificates from European Council of International School and by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Ms Shelly has put in great efforts to transform her vision of internationally accredited education in Kyrgyzstan into reality.

She successfully took SRIS through the authorization process of the European Council of International School membership and made SRIS one of the first Cambridge International Examinations accredited schools in Kyrgyzstan.

Ms Shelly has post graduate qualification in Education and was awarded the ECIS Awards for Promotion of International Educations three years in a row.

She also holds a Master Degree in Travel and Tourism. Teaching this subject at South Delhi Polytechnic for Women in India, was what initially put her on a career path in education.

Ms Shelly is a lifelong learner, currently completing an educational doctorate.

As a principal of Silk Road International School her focus is to further improve the quality of the SRIS Cambridge Curriculum and introduce modern courses, both interesting to students and highly relevant for a future career.

Ms Shelly Gupta wants Silk Road International School to be the best place in Bishkek for creative and gifted young students.

She regularly communicates updates and changes in her blog: The Principal’s Message.


Posted on

24. June 2021