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Career in Fitness • Seminar

Training Future Fitness Professionals

SRIS and Karven Club are working together to promote health and nutrition alongside education. Both partners recognize the sports and fitness sector as a fast growing sector in the Kyrgyz Republic and cooperate to qualify students for a career in that sector.

Karven Club provides a one day training course at their facilities for our upper high school ‘physical education’ classes.

SRIS and Karven Club are further working on providing internships during the summer time for our students in the near future.

Premium fitness club: Karven Sport Club, Logo

Karven Club for over 20 years

Karven Sport Club was one of the first premium fitness facilities in Bishkek and has delivered consistent high level service for over 20 years.

Premium fitness club: Karven Sport Club, gym HIIT station
Premium fitness club: Karven Sport Club, Logo

Physical Education IGCSE

The sports industry is booming in the Kyrgyz Republic. Being active and fit has become a mainstream lifestyle component for the young to middle aged generation.

Our IGCSE Course ‘Physical Education’ prepares our students for starting a career in the fitness industry.

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Local Relevance

The sports industry is booming in the Kyrgyz Republic. Being active and fit has become a mainstream lifestyle component for the young to middle aged generation.

Interest in the active participation in sport events, like public marathons, is on the rise. While on the rise, the sports sector has not yet reached its huge potential. 

This opens up many career opportunities for people trained in sports as a business, from professional trainers to facility and sport event managers. 


IGCSE diploma

Students graduate with an Cambridge IGCSE diploma. Each IGCSE course has three hours a week over two years.

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Cambridge IGCSE is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. It provides a solid foundation for moving on to university studies.

Why choose Cambridge International?

The Cambridge system prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.

Universities and employers know that Cambridge exams are conducted with due process and objectively reflect the knowledge and skill level of the learner.

Silk Road International School

Fitness Seminar Program:


Introduction: Fitness Sector

The students get an introduction to ‘Fitness’ as a business. How marketing works and what is important to reach your fitness audience.


Sport Medicine

The medical doctor of Karven Club talks about the importance of assessing the health situation of the members. The students also learn how the health situation has to be considered when coaching the member and creating an individual training plan.

The risks of training and the importance of warm up and correct form are also discussed.


Fitness Instructions

Together with an experienced Karven Sport Club trainer, our Physical Education teacher is instructing our students on the fitness machines inside the gym. They explain which mussle groups are affected and how the machines and the training equipment is used correctly. While actually using the training equipment their knowledge about joints and mussles is connected to specific exercises.



The students have a break and refreshment at the Karven Club Cafeteria.



After a short introduction to the benefits of swim training, students can use the pool for swimming.

Premium fitness club: Karven Sport Club, Spinning lesson

Silk Road International School

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