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Principal’s Message

Regular messages from Shelly Gupta, the director of SRIS.

The Director’s Blog

Shelly Gupta, the director of the Silk Road International School, regularly addresses our parents and students. In our blog rubric “Principal’s Message”, she informs about current developments at school.

“I believe in the importance of authenticity and I am passionate about coaching in education as a means to create a learning culture across Silk Road International School Bishkek.”

Shelly Gupta

Our Vision for a Better School
Our Vision for a Better School

Director Shelly Gupta outlines achievements, ongoing improvements and her vision for a better school at SRIS in her 2022 Spring Keynote. She shows why SRIS is the best place for merited young talents.

First Term Retrospective
First Term Retrospective

Ms Shelly, director of SRIS, looks at achievements during the first term and gives an insight about projects currently in the pipeline.

Change is the only constant

SRIS Keynote 2021-03

In her Keynote during the Nowruz celebration of the Silk Road International School (Bishkek) at Asanbai Center on 19th of March 2021, Shelly Gupta, the director of SRIS, summarizes the changes and improvements implemented in the first two terms of school year 2020/2021 and ongoing projects for the third term and next school year (2021/2022).

New Leadership Team

Silk Road International School is in independent Kyrgyz ownership since June 2020. Since the school year 2020/2021 many things were improved by the new international leadership team, for example: Full IGCSE/ICE curriculum, better support for English as a second language, good hygiene and cleaning protocol.

New Vision Statement
To reflect our new course and strategy at Silk Road International School, we updated our school’s vision statement:

«SRIS» is the best place for merited young talents to develop the social competence, cultural awareness and stable personalities needed to become esteemed global citizens in order to make a contribution in society. «SRIS» graduates live by a timeless set of universal values and have everything they need to pursue excellence in all their undertakings.

New Mission Statement

The update of our Vision Statment at Silk Road International School, also resulted in an updated of our school’s mission statement:

«SRIS» strives to provide the best stimulation for young students to develop the responsibility, integrity and self-motivation necessary to develop their personalities and gain the skills to build a career for themselves in the future. 

S ➜ Stimulation

We do everything to provide a stimulating learning environment within «SRIS», where learning is inspiring and fun.

R ➜ Responsibility

We are responsible for honoring our commitments and treat all humans, creatures and resources with respect.

I ➜ Integrity

We respect the needs of the people and world around us and we honor the commitments that we made.

S ➜ Self-Motivation

It is our life that we are shaping and that of the people around us. We want to learn, develop and become a better version of ourselves.

Full topic list of this keynote
Change is the only constant (SRIS Keynote 2021-03)
Change is the only constant (SRIS Keynote 2021-03)

In her Keynote -Change is the only constant- SRIS director Shelly Gupta talks about the new leadership team, our vision and mission statement, improvements in the Cambridge Primary and Secondary implementation, Project Based Learning (PBL) and other topics.

Message from Principal 2nd Term
Message from Principal 2nd Term

We have successfully moved onto Phase 3 of our Responsible Return Plan this means that we have opened our doors to all students to return to in-person instruction with gradual introduction of some extracurricular activities.

Keeping (School) Spirits High During Social Distancing
Keeping (School) Spirits High During Social Distancing

Creativity and innovation are valuable tools for an educator to have, and right now, these traits are more important than ever. Finding new ways to connect with students and keeping their spirits as high as possible as we practice social distancing are essential to maintaining educational standards and ensuring the future leaders of our country can achieve the level of success they aspire to.