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Shelly Gupta - Director of Silk Road International SchoolOur first term at SRIS has been a thoroughly enjoyable learning journey, fast-paced, with lots of reflection over where we are currently at as a school, and steadily galvanizing ideas as to where we should be heading as we chart our way forward as a learning community. I have enjoyed the opportunity to consult with students, staff, and a good number of parents as part of this review process. What has become abundantly clear is the depth of pride in our school, and a solid support for its stated values and aims. All stakeholders have expressed a commitment to the vibrant, holistic educational journey that the school provides; albeit one rightly underpinned by ambitious academic standards, as well as excellence on the sports field and on the stage. What has also become clear is the need to further explore ways in which we can equip our young people in the fields of science, technology, design and innovation to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving future.

In this post I want to inform you about what we have achieved and what projects are in the pipeline.

21st century skills

Financial literacy and entrepreneurship have also been a constant theme in the consultation process, as has been the need to instill 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
We have enjoyed some enviable successes during this first term. My congratulations to all the students who achieved top marks in their IGCSE exams. It is extreme hard work and diligence of students and teachers in completing a 2 years’ academic program in 8 months, students have achieved this remarkable feat.

Student’s competition achievements

Once again, our team competing at the Zismo Mathematics Olympiad, Japan performed with distinction. Continued success has also been found on the sports field this term.

Our team returned victorious from the very prestigious International Schools’ U19 Soccer Tournament were a dominant force in their respective competitions. As part of our community service initiatives, we were honored to support New Year Gift Campaign for the under privileged and marginalized children. Our students have also been actively taking a lead in supporting and hosting the Babushka Adoption Program by raising awareness and donations.

IGCSE Beyond Academics…

The Cambridge IGCSE is an internationally acclaimed and academically intensive program offered to secondary school graduates. However, in this day and age, universities are looking beyond the straight A*s. Due to the ever increasing number of academic achievers, extracurricular activities share equal importance with standard academic achievements in the university acceptance process.

At SRIS, we recognize the need for students to stand out and seeks to develop well-rounded leaders by introducing activities beyond academics for students to gain a diverse range of knowledge, experiences and qualities. Detailed below are just some of the programs offered within our SRIS’s Leadership Programme.

SRIS Projects in the pipeline

Our administration team has a lot of projects an the pipeline and is currently working on implementing internship and «Full Day — Beyond the classroom training programs» with professional leaders in their field.

Cooperation negotiations are ongoing and expected to be closed January/February 2022 and currently cover these projects in the pipeline:

  • Hospitality Sector: Local top hotel
  • Fitness Sector: A leading sports club
  • Health Sector: A Medical Clinic
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

We will inform you about each partnership as soon as the agreements are signed.

Happy Holidays

I end this retrospective with all the best wishes for the holidays and the new year. Me and my team are looking forward to continue this exciting educational journey with you and your families.